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  • trick dog bar | sf

    cocktails: mission dolores + dragon gate

    Contax 645 | Kodak Portra 400

    Do you know of any reliable website to purchase a Hasselblad or Bronjca for the first time for a reasonable price?

    Definitely! Check out You can piece together a Hasselblad and Bronica at a great price.

    I just learned that Delta 3200 is actually rated at 1000 ISO. What is this craziness! I'm curious if you shoot it at box speed, or underexpose it at 3200. Been wanting to try out this film for a long time and your shots with it are always an inspiration!

    I was told it’s actually 800ISO. Crazy, right? I normally shoot it at 1600 and have accidentally shot it as 200ISO, which turned out beautifully. Just try it over and under exposed. This film looks best hand developed, FYI. 

    remember when it rained in northern california?

    Hasselblad 500CM | Fuji 160 NS

    more scenes from telluride during the bluegrass festival

    top photo: Hasselblad 500CM | Kodak Portra 400

    all other images: Contax Aria | Kodak Portra 400

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